The Power of GlutideCR

GlutideCR’s main ingredient is a proprietary blend of nutritional supplements designed to emulate the same specific amino acids found in Ozempic. This blend allows your body to mimic the effects of caloric restriction and intermittent fasting, offering the potential for significant health benefits.


GlutideCR: Simplified Wellness

Forget about strict meal planning and painful injections. With just two capsules a day, GlutideCR offers you an easier path to a healthier lifestyle. All you need to do is incorporate it into your daily routine.

We’ve distilled the core principles of Ozempic into a natural, accessible, and user-friendly format. It’s your body, and your health, let GlutideCR assist you in taking control and feeling your best.

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GlutideCR is a twice-daily dietary supplement that facilitates a caloric restriction mimicking diet and supports your intermittent fasting regimen. Leveraging the groundbreaking research behind the revolutionary drug, Ozempic, GlutideCR harnesses its core principles and delivers it to you in a convenient, non-prescription form. Ozempic has been applauded for its extraordinary results in weight management and blood sugar control. Still, many potential beneficiaries are deterred by the medical procedures involved, the possible side effects, or the high cost. GlutideCR bridges this gap by providing a natural, accessible, and affordable solution that mirrors the Ozempic’s potential.

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Optimized Health with GlutideCR:
Weight Loss, Energy, and Repair

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and why does Glutide CR work?

Glutide CR mimics the same proteins that your body produces after eating in order to feel more satiated. When your body absorbes these proteins, it feels like it's eaten, but you've consumed no calories.

How do I take GlutideCR?

It's recommended to take one GlutideCR tablet before each meal, or 2 in the morning. It takes most people a week or two while the protein primes into your body. Because of it's unique sublingual (under your tongue) absorption, GlutideCR doesn't need to be big to be effective.

How much weight can I lose on GlutideCR?

GlutideCR by itself doesn't actually cause weight loss, what it does is enable you to feel full with little to no effort. You'll find that diets are easy to follow, cravings are eliminated, and you can stick to your goals without fail.

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Real GlutideCR Users
Real Life-Changing Results

GlutideCR Review Stars
Justin P. enjoys life to the fullest

“I was on ozempic but could no longer get it due to insurance cost. GlutideCR has filled that void for me and I'm continuing my journey!”

GlutideCR Review Stars
Mary O. loves her body

“I've tried all sorts of diet pills and even gotten medical help for weight loss, but nothing works like GlutideCR. It took a few weeks to kick in, but then I started noticing that none of my old clothes fit, and my husband said I look 10 years younger!”

GlutideCR Review Stars
Sue G. has never felt better

“I always did good at the first 2 weeks of a diet, but then I would just have insatiable cravings and would fall back to my old routine. GlutideCR didn't just make it possible, it made it easy! I haven't had any cravings or issues, and I know if I did, it wouldn't be a big deal.”

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